Česká spedice automobilových dopravců

Hradec Králové s.r.o.


ČSN : ISO 9001-2001      

Slezská 509,  500 03  Hradec Králové – Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 495 532 585, Fax: +420 495 521 113, E-mail: csadhk@csadhk.cz

Dear business partners,

We would like to take this opportunity of asking that you spare a few moments of your valuable time to fill in this questionnaire, which will help us improve the quality of our services that we provide, based on ISO 9001:2001 quality standards.

Please complete and return the questionnaire by fax to number +420 495 521 113 or by e-mail csadhk@csadhk.cz

Evaluation of customer's satisfaction

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Contant person / position
 Evaluation criteria
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 Reliability and quickness in carrying out purchase orders   
 Price competiness
 Compliance of special instructions
 Variation reporting
 Response to difficulties and complaints

 Your comments

  Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Ing. Adámek Zdeněk
managing director
Česká spedice automobilových dopravců Hradec Králové